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Celine Ka Wing Lau is a Freelance Illustrator based in Hong Kong and London

Celine Ka Wing Lau is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Hong Kong and London; She loves to illustrate bold, colourful images and witty characters.

Celine's art embodies themes of warmth, humor, and endearing charm. She frequently employs vibrant colours and concise lines to bring her characters and scenes to life. The simplicity and fluidity of her lines retain intricate details and a vivid sense of expression. Her characters exude a captivating cuteness and heartwarming appeal, evoking a strong sense of kindness and affection. Additionally, Celine excels in conveying emotions, skillfully portraying inner feelings through the nuanced interplay of expressions and gestures.

She has accomplished a number of collaborations as well as commissions for different clients around the world.

Clients includes : The New York Time, New York Magazine, The Washington post, Taco Bell, Sogo HK, Octopus HK etc.

Features on It’s Nice That, Creative Boom.

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